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The Travelodge Hotel, our home away from home, welcomes you to visit the beautiful Klamath Falls region of Oregon. One of the best camping sites in the state is located in one of the most scenic areas in Oregon, with many opportunities and activities available throughout the state. You can learn a lot about Oregon through the many Oregon hikes it has to offer, as the Pacific Crest Trail runs through this area and much of it. Our favorite Ramona Falls Trail is a popular destination in the Mount Everest subcategories, and the areas are managed by the Oregon Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) and Oregon Parks and Wildlife.

Bald eagles are seen at Klamath Falls National Wildlife Refuge, and our favorite hikes are also at Ramona Falls State Park and Mount Everest Trail.

This area is critical to Klamath Falls as it is home to the Link River, which flows into the Klimath River at Upper Klath Lake and is bounded by the US Forest Service and Oregon State Parks.

East of Klamath Falls you will find dry desert land, but if you drive west you will encounter mostly wet meadows and lakes. This refuge is located on the west bank of the Klimath River, south of Klath Lake, and stretches from the California border south to Brookings. I love fly fishing in this river the best, as it is one of my favorite streams in the entire state of Oregon.

Four museums are located in the Klamath district, three of them in the historic downtown of Klimath Falls. The Favell Museum has the largest collection of the county's museum collections in Oregon, with more than 1,000 artifacts. Also known as the oldest museum in California and the only one of its kind in Oregon, it is located on the top floor of a historic building at the foot of Klath Lake, just east of the city.

While you enjoy your time here, you should visit some of the other museums that represent the best attractions of Klamath Falls. The Senator Baldwin Hotel Museum is home to the former National Guard arsenal from the 1930s, which houses a collection of historical artifacts and a variety of other exhibits. Further exhibits can be found in the museum lobby and on the second floor of Klimath Hall, east of Klath Lake. The former Art Deco arsenal was built in 1931 and is famous for being a popular place for musicians in the 1940s and 1950s.

Visit the town of Roseburg in Oregon, known for its wine and beer, or learn about the history of Klamath Falls, Oregon's largest city, at the Living History Museum.

Klamath Falls, commonly referred to as the "Lake of the Lakes," is the second largest lake in the United States and the third largest in Oregon. The state is home to the largest freshwater lake in the world, the largest of its kind in North America, with a total area of 1.5 million hectares.

Klamath Falls to get out of the lake floor , you will not want to miss the attractions of Klamath Falls. If you're thinking of being one of those who stop in southern Oregon for some outdoor activities, check out the attractions near the waterfalls. Whether you are visiting it for a short trip or a long holiday, we want you to come and see all its attractions.

Klamath Falls in Oregon is easily accessible by bus and charter plane. The location is ideal for visiting many nearby tourist attractions, including Lake Okeechobee Lake, Great Smoky Mountains National Park and many other scenic spots.

If you prefer hiking or biking, this is a path that leads from Klamath Falls in Oregon to Bly, Oregon, and is about 100 miles long. The trail follows Thompson Reservoir to K the Falls and then down to Lake Okeechobee Lake.

The natural Sandy River Water Trail allows visitors to experience rafting, kayaking, hiking, biking and hiking along the natural shores of Klamath Lake. The Trail of the Ten Falls takes visitors down Silver Creek and past ten beautiful waterfalls, ranging from Oregon Trail in Missouri to K Falls in Oregon and Great Smoky Mountains National Park in California. In the town of Klamatha Falls, you will find Moore Park on the south bank of Klimath Lakes, the K-Falls Historic Historic Walkway and the Museum of Natural History in Portland.

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More About Klamath Falls